Tax counseling and preparation of tax returns are among our best known services.  Tax planning to achieve the most advantageous tax position is an integral part of our services.  Our services include the following:

bullet Individuals - Planning and preparation of all necessary federal tax returns, reports and estimates.
bullet Corporations and partnerships - Preparation of all federal and state tax returns; tax planning for business formation, acquisitions, mergers, sales of business assets, liquidation, etc.; and tax research on existing problems and anticipation of future tax problems in order to minimize tax liability.
bullet Exempt organization - Application for tax-exempt status, preparation of the informational tax returns required by the IRS and maintenance of tax-exempt status.

We also provide the following additional tax services for our clients:

bullet Representation before the IRS - Formal and informal conferences with the Internal Revenue Service to represent increasingly complex tax positions for our clients to resolve the issues, underlying facts and analysis of the applicable tax laws.
bullet Special studies and evaluations - Evaluation of  future investments, tax effects on new projects, tax alternatives to reduce taxation rates, "second" opinions on tax matters, etc.
bullet Comprehensive tax analysis package - Complete evaluation of a client's tax position in terms of past, present and future analysis, including income, estate an gift tax liabilities and recommendations to minimize or defer present or future taxation.  We prepare a confidential summary of the facts, estimates, conclusions and our recommendations and assist our clients in implementing these recommendations.

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