Passmore & Associates, LLC is a place where the creative young accountant can find a stimulating environment which encourages new ideas and open communications and where the highly skilled professional meets the challenges of doing business in a dynamic city and gains continuing insight into the financial structure of the business of Houston. 

We recruit employees with exceptional scholastic abilities and potential for providing sound technical service to our clients. We also seek people who are outstanding in their ability to communicate technical data to enable our clients to deal with complex accounting and tax matters. We use our knowledge to interpret those factors which are necessary to help business people run businesses.

To develop those skills, we provide all new employees with a full range of experience and training. All entry-level employees attend both audit and tax training sessions and actually work in both audit and tax areas. Specialization comes only after a full familiarization with all phases of accounting services.

Our people work in a broad cross-section of industries, thus increasing our knowledge of the business environments of our clients in Houston. The experience of seeing how a large variety of businesses operate also provides employees with the opportunity to develop their own professional interests and abilities.

As our firm grows we continue to strive to maintain an atmosphere of personal involvement with all employees by supporting open communication and shared experience among employees at all levels. We want the growth of our professionals to parallel the growth of our firm.

Our people are involved in the city and the accounting profession. The members of Passmore & Associates, LLC are recognized by the profession for their involvement in the Texas Society of CPA's and the Houston Chapter of that organization. We encourage and support the active participation of our staff in both groups. We believe that this involvement not only enhances the stature of our profession, but it also helps to maintain up-to-date skills in technical matters.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic staff, please attach your resume document and e-mail it to us today!

We take an active role in the civic, charitable and cultural life of Houston. We are also involved in professional and business organizations. We encourage all staff members to participate in community activities and organizations to enrich their personal lives and exercise their leadership and organizational skills. 

Our people are a part of Houston - the city we call home.


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Passmore & Associates, LLC